POM Tracer Contact Tracing System Powered By Laird Connectivity

Contact tracing is essential to the reopening of companies and schools. Both depend on this solution to reliably identify close contacts to rapidly respond to reduce the risk of a full closure. Given this importance, POM Tracer selected Laird Connectivity, a leading international wireless connectivity solutions provider, to develop an accurate contact tracing system that eliminates privacy invasions by using physical devices and proximity data. With POM Tracer, schools and companies do not need apps or location tracking to effectively contact trace. 

POM Tracer and Laird Connectivity 

POM Tracer uses bluetooth capabilities in physical devices from Laird Connectivity’s BT510 long-range Bluetooth 5 sensors to capture proximity data for rapid contact tracing. The data is transmitted to a Laird Connectivity gateway which pushes it to the cloud via LET-M/NB-IOT connection.This allows companies and schools to view the data from the POM Tracer  dashboard. The custom built Bluetooth to cellular IoT system enables POM Tracer to offer an end-to-end system that companies maintain full control over. 

How the POM Tracer contact tracing system works

POM Tracer Contact Tracing Device

The POM Tracer device uses Laird Connectivity’s Sentrius BT510 long-range Bluetooth 5 sensors within a compact, portable device that employees can wear or carry with them in the office. These rugged devices are powered by replaceable coin cell batteries that last up to six months and are waterproof–making them easily sanitizable after each day. 

It has built in flexibility for both companies and employees. Companies can program additional customizable features like proximity alerting to remind employees to maintain a safe social distance. For employees, they are able to choose various ways to carry a POM Tracer device (lanyard, keychain, wrist band) while in office. 

POM Tracer Contact Tracing Gateways 

The POM Tracer gateway uses Laird Connectivity’s Sentrius MG100 Gateway to capture proximity sensor data from POM Tracer devices. The gateway typically collects data from all POM Tracer devices within 800 feet. Alternatively, companies can use tablet kiosks placed at entrances and exits instead of gateways. The data is then transferred via a global low power cellular (LET-M/NB-IoT) connection to the cloud so companies can view contact tracing data through their POM Tracer dashboard. 

Together, the POM Tracer devices and gateways powered by Laird Connectivity or tablet kiosks create a privacy-focused contact tracing solution. The POM Tracer device eliminates the need for employees to download a contact tracing app on their smartphones allowing companies to reduce the risk of privacy invasions and noncompliance. With the POM Tracer system, companies and schools are equipped with a powerful contact tracing solution backed by a reliable technology provider in the wireless connectivity industry.

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