Contact Tracing & Proximity Alerting

Safely bring your people back to work with a simple, non-intrusive system that’s easy to deploy, ensures privacy and allows you to get back to normal.

No Apps.
No Location Tracking.
No Privacy Invasions.

With the POM Tracer contact tracing system, employers retain full control over their contact tracing solution with an out-of-the-box system that works for all employer-types.

Many employers do not provide company phones for all employees and they cannot require that employees download apps onto their personal phones as it is intrusive to their privacy. In some environments, employees do not have smartphones with them at all times during their work day. Additionally, you cannot require visitors or contractors to download an app onto their personal phones in order to come onto the property.

POM Tracer
In The News

“The POM Tracer is a small, wearable device that keeps track of and alerts people who come within 6 feet of it and through top-notch technology is able to provide instant contact-tracing reports when someone tests positive for Covid-19.”

“Since the device is based on proximity, your employees can feel assured that their privacy is protected as the POM does not track employees or take personal information. Visitors can also be issued Pom Tracers to wear while in your building.”



Affordable & Scalable

No need to buy company phones or smart watches. This affordable device can fit any budget.


Nothing to download. No requirement to install or manage software on employee's private phones. No need to worry about phone versions or compatibility. Can be used with or without gateways.


Simply give each visitor a POM Tracer during the normal check-in process.

No Location or TIME Tracking

Sensor to sensor contact information is all that is collected. Employee location is not tracked.


Maintain control of the contact tracing system by eliminating reliance on personal phones and potential privacy violations.


6 Month Battery

Long lasting replaceable battery ensures that each unit will keep working day and night without interruption.

Waterproof - IP67 Certified

Rugged IP67 certified enclosure designed for the harshest environments

Easily Sanitized

Waterproof enclosure ensures easy sanitization protocols.

Customizable Alerts

Devices can light up, vibrate or buzz when they are within 6ft of each other.

800 ft Range to Base Station

Wide band receivers capture beacon data from multiple base stations.

No WiFi Necessary

The system leverages existing LTE M networks to make integration as easy as possible.

Versatile Design

Many ways to wear the device, on a lanyard, keychain, in a pocket or bag.

Implement With or Without Gateways.

Contact tracing tags can be implemented with or without gateways.

Successful Deployment at
Lawrenceville School

“At The Lawrenceville School, our top priority is the safety of our students and employees. COVID-19 has created myriad, unprecedented challenges to our ability to keep our community healthy while still providing world-class, in-person education,” said Lawrenceville’s Director of Information Technology Ronell Conner. “Teamed with a host of campus-wide, CDC-recommended protocols, including virus testing and a symptom-tracking app, the POM Tracer enables us to identify in a matter of minutes individuals who have had close contact with anyone who could test positive for COVID-19. This allows us to rapidly notify and quarantine affected individuals, preventing unnecessary spread of the virus.”

A message from the CEO

"POM’s workplace contact tracing solution is easier and more reliable than app-based systems, and better-suited and more affordable than other device-based systems."
AJ Leahy
Warehouse factory worker contact tracing beacon tag

Simple Integration Into Any Company

The POM Tracer system is the perfect fit for enterprises that can’t use apps.

  • Companies that don’t issue phones
  • Unionized Labor
  • Hospital employees
  • Nursing homes
  • Factory production plants
  • Daycare or Schools K-12
  • Higher education
  • Any workplace that has visitors on premises
students wearing mask in the classroom social distancing fob

Proximity Alerts

Help modify employee behavior to enforce social distancing guidelines. Prevent your people from showing up on the risk report altogether. The devices can blink, vibrate and/or make a buzzing sound to alert wearers they are too close.



POM is in the business of creating technology to keep people safe & secure, not selling or collecting personal information. Our goal is to provide peace of mind that includes knowing your data is yours and yours alone.

We take your privacy very seriously which is why we designed a system where your data security and privacy is central.

We don’t use GPS tracking services and use minimal tracking protocols.

The only data that is collected is encrypted contact data between devices. Additionally we use private tracking methods to ensure privacy centric storage and retrieval.

This is intended to protect you and your coworkers. We will never ever, sell or share your private data with any third party.

-The POM Team


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